Gluteal Tendon Reconstruction

No, it is not the problem. The pain comes from the hip tendons separating from their bony attachment.

This is the result of wear and tear. It is produced by the same forces that otherwise wear out the hip joint.

The reason the tendons break down is because of wear from weight-bearing stresses. That makes it difficult to hold on to them with sutures as the tissue is weak. It is important to protect the repair until the tendons finally reattach to the bone. This is similar to the instruction not to walk on your broken ankle.

Generally, you can commence partial weight-bearing at the 5th post-operative week. You will be able to take full weight after six weeks.

No problem. You can use a frame or a wheel chair as required. The walking aid that suits you best is the one to use.

Depends on your individual circumstances but 4-5 days is usual plus whatever time you may need in the rehabilitation centre.

Yes, if it would help you to regain your independent mobility. This is determined while in hospital or when you are first admitted.

This is essential. It is best for you to be proficient with your chosen walking aid before you have your surgery. Learning a new and difficult skill like this can be hard at the best of times but especially so after major hip surgery.

No. You will be able to do everything that someone else with normal tendons can do. This means playing golf, skiing, jogging, horse riding and driving a car.